Obsessed with Mittens

My obsession with mittens started when I watched Game of Thrones in April. It was winter and people needed to dress warmly, just but giving a few details about the series. But as I watched on, I saw an opportunity to try something new, different and crazy.

So what are mittens exactly? Mittens are gloves that don’t cover the fingers and may go elbow high. They are also known as open gloves and they come in various fabrics.

The first time I tried mittens, I felt uneasy. I felt smart but very conscious of my appearance. I couldn’t bear the embarrassment if people were to find them a fashion miss but I totally nailed it. I made heads turn and piqued peoples’ interest.

“Where did you buy those? They look fabulous!” a friend of mine complimented me. I couldn’t hide my delight and right there I knew mittens were another craze to add to my list.

So why should you add mittens to your list too? Mittens give outfits a sophisticated look and a girly touch. The simple manner in which they enhance your look is amazing and the best part is you can literally “freeze and shine” in mittens because they keep your arms warm and make your outfit look great all at the same time.

Mittens can act like bangles too. If you don’t know how to accessorize bangles, depending on the colors of your outfit, pair it with matching mittens and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Mittens don’t have to be bought. You can make them however you want and in whatever colors you desire, but ensure they fit your arms snugly.

The beauty of experience is in trying.

You may also check out my post on Game of thrones, to read about the series.

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16 thoughts on “Obsessed with Mittens

  1. thanks about the post…never really thought v adding it in my wardrobe but you’ve made me think about it…


  2. well…the beauty of experience is in trying…mittens is indeed an experience worthy sharing


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