Retro my style

Style and class attracts all kinds of crowds. Retro fashion is slowly creeping into modern trends, bringing back to life a century considered archaic.

Retro fashion existed in the 20th century, looks ranging from laced hemlines, funky graphic designs, multicolored oversize coats, bomber jackets and not forgetting the very popular geek spectacles.

This style is consciously derivative of trends, modes and attitudes of the recent past.

In a world full of many titanic fashion battles it is not baffling as to why these vintage ensembles easily paved way for modern trends; inspiring colors, cuts and even design.

In this post, I went with the 1950s high waist A line skirt, flirtatious as it sounds and simply feminine as it looks. Pairing it with a white off shoulder, which took me roughly an hour to put together.

I fell in love with this skirt mainly because of its drab colour, the medallion yellow, not to mention the fact that its fabric is made of wool and rayon blends, making it an all-weather skirt.

I consider this skirt a high fashion item on my craze list, because I can pair it with almost anything and its round and full nature adds more swing to my step.

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18 thoughts on “Retro my style

  1. Great, I would like to see that top paired with high waist denim trousers and boots.
    Looking good miss.


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